Pegassi Esskey bike added as an update to GTA online

Pegassi Esskey bike added as an update to GTA online

GTA Online got a whole lot of DLC recently, with the Stunts and Bike updates being some of the most memorable additions to the game. But the great thing about Rockstar is that they are continually adding new pieces to the puzzle in the form of minor DLC. At this point, we always expect some new activity or vehicle to come in and Pegassi Esskey is a prime example of that.

But what is the Pegassi Esskey bike? Well, this one is maybe the latest model in a long line of classic, retro and high standard bikes that you can purchase at this time in GTA Online. The vintage design you can find here is more than impressive, with the bike having one great combination of colors and a very good quality to begin with. Another thing to keep in mind here is that the Pegassi Esskey costs around $264000 so it’s not really cheap to begin with.

As a part of the Bikers DLC, this new bike is suitable for those that want a more retro look to their ride. Despite that, this is a very powerful and high class bike that brings in front a stunning set of visuals, great gameplay options and it’s even suitable for stunts.

You can get the Pegassi Esskey from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos at the price mentioned above. It might not be a cheap ride, but it’s well worth it. Some of the players state that this bike is quite similar to the current dirt bikes that you can find in GTA Online, but the customization options are a lot better here.



Is it a good purchase? Considering the fact that you can get this in 8 colors and you can also customize many other portions of the vehicle, it’s easy to see why the Pegassi Esskey can be a solid investment for any GTA online player. It might not be the most beginner friendly bike out of the bunch, but it looks great and it does have a solid performance. Its speed stands out quite a bit and the design as well as its customization options are also second to none.

We can expect more great vehicles to be added to the Bikers DLC. One of them, named the Youga Van Classic is actually slated for arrival next week. You can check the Pegassi Esskey and many other great rides if you start playing GTA Online as fast as possible.

On a side note, it’s important to keep in mind that rumors about a story DLC for GTA V are getting tense, so we can expect some kind of an announcement really soon. Of course, they are still at the rumor stage, but many seem to point towards some new adventures for at least part of the original crew that we had in the game. We will have to wait and see if the rumors are true!



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