What is Linux?

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system just like many others that you can find on the market. What makes it distinct though is the fact that it’s open source. The code used for creating Linux is available free of charge. You can modify, edit and view it as you see fit. If you have the proper skills, you can even create your own Linux distribution, there’s no legal hassle or copyright to stop you.

Just like all the other operating systems on the market, Linux has an interface, it’s capable of running a wide array of applications and it has software equivalents for just about any type of software that you might want to use right now.

On top of that, Linux works on just about any computer. The Unix platform is used as an inspiration for Linux, however numerous changes were made in order to create a distinct, unique operating system. But unlike Linux, Unix is not free. Yet despite that, both of them have similar interfacing and programming tools, not to mention a similar file system.

What makes Linux distinct is the fact that this piece of software is extremely customizable. You can choose how to modify virtually anything that pertains to Linux, even the core components can be meddled with if you so desire.

Who can use Linux?

Everyone has the ability to use Linux. The operating system as a whole was created by Linus Benedict Torvalds at the beginning of the 90s and since then it started to be available in the form of multiple distributions that you can easily find on the market even today. The Linux trademark still remains attached to Torvalds, however you are free to use Linux whenever and however you want. Linux is licensed under the GPL v2 and all distributions remain with a similar licensing unless stated otherwise.

Can you contribute to Linux?

The main reason why people love Linux is that they can all be a part of the community. They can create a free program for it, they can modify the core elements of Linux and so on. There are no restrictions in regards to how you can customize your own Linux experience. You just need to pick how you want to contribute and that’s it!


There are plenty of Linux distributions on the market. Some of them are suitable for beginners, others are better for experts. Either way, you can easily find some very good distributions out there! Some of the most popular distributions include:

  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • Knoppix
  • Linux Mint
  • Kali Linux
  • Maemo
  • Sacix
  • SteamOS
  • LiMux
  • Kubuntu
  • Rxart

No matter what distribution you plan on using, there’s no denying that Linux can easily run on your computer. Plus, you can easily customize the OS a lot better if you compare it to Windows for example. If you want a free, customizable operating system you should definitely consider giving Linux a try. It really is one of the best operating systems on the market and it can provide you with an incredible value! Just try it out and you will be amazed with the great performance, stellar security boost and impressive user experience!


  1. This post was interesting , computer stuff sometimes is so hard for me to understand but this broke it down for me thanks!

  2. I’d heard of Linux before but never really understood what made it different than other OS’s. I’ve only ever used the software that came pre-installed.

    What type of user would you recommend Linux for? Generally programmers or can more layman types figure it out?

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